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Tom Schmitz & Moz's Roger!Schmitz Marketing is Thomas Schmitz, a longtime digital marketing analyst, evangelist, coach and thought leader. Tom provided SEO, content development and social media strategies for brands like Advertising Age (Media), DocuSign (SaaS, Tech) and Lucky Brand (Retail). Now his knowledge and experience can help your business grow.

Schmitz Marketing is based in Seattle, a major tech hub and home to companies like, Boeing and Microsoft. While we love working with local businesses, Thomas Schmitz provides services throughout the USA and beyond.

What is SEO?

T-shaped SEO

Search Engine Optimization includes everything that improves non-paid visibility in search engines and increases search engine referral traffic.

SEO is more than a column on the Internet marketing methods chart. While there are many deep SEO skills and specific SEO action steps, real traffic drivers come from other online marketing disciplines as well.

  • Without terrific content bundled with expert promotion and social media, a website is unlikely to earn the inbound links that fuel search engine ranking authority. (Content, PR, Social Media)
  • Poorly written content or a dated web design may cause visitors to hit the back button and choose a different search result. When people reject your pages, search engines may lower their rankings. (Copywriting, Design, UX)
  • The HTML may look good, but if it uses the wrong markup it can confuse search engines or decrease keyword relevance. (Coding, Design, Keyword Use)

Good search engine optimization informs your entire Internet marketing strategy and digital execution.

Custom Guidance – Value Driven

Internet marketing is filled with best practices and checklists. I wrote many myself and they are great training tools. When it comes to applying that knowledge in the real world every market, industry and niche is different.

My analysis begins by mapping each level of your marketing funnel to match it with audiences, prospects and customers. Together we will uncover who they are and what they value. We will drive brand discovery and awareness, build confidence and trust, create desire and inquiries then close sales and provide support.

Ultimately, success is measured in increased organic search, referral and direct traffic that converts. Your business has objectives and goals. You require ROI. Which is why I avoid shiny objects du jour and cookie-cutter strategies to customize a program that matches and delivers on your needs.

Hard Truths – Actionable Insights

Organic digital marketing is difficult, especially for companies without a vested brand or lacking an established audience. While there may be low hanging fruit and early wins, long-term success depends on sustainable strategies. I am a believer in the flywheel analogy. From a standstill Internet marketing is slow to start and takes time to produce rewards. As you gain momentum it does get easier and the rewards can be significant.

For established brands, I align my analysis and recommendations to take advantage of your market influence to expand and produce growth.

SEO Results Graph

When I work with you I deliver honest assessments and discard hyperbole. I provide a balanced approach that focuses on that which will provide the largest impact now and grow long-term success. You will receive more than concepts and ideas. You get specific recommendations your team can act on as well as training and coaching to implement them.

See For Yourself

If you want impactful advice and recommendations for SEO, social media, content and other inbound marketing methods, we should talk. Email me at info@schmitzmarketing and tell what you want to achieve. I will conduct preliminary research then set-up a meeting to discuss your goals and objectives.